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#Cuba Prisoners voluntarily become contaminated by Cholera and new Yara CID delegation
Aug 27,2013 18:27

Ubaldo León León, provincial Coordinator of the CID in the province of Granma reported the presence of cholera in the area. Patients are being sent to Celia Sánchez Manduley in […] (...)

“Look, look at the people supporting us”
Aug 17,2013 21:00

“Look, look at the people supporting us! You say that these people repudiate us  … look at how we support the people. ”  That was repeated by  Zuleidys Pérez Velásquez […] (...)

In Holguín the opposition grows with 20 new members
Aug 17,2013 13:45

In the province of Holguin, Independent and Democratic Cuba (CID) reported a substantial growth in the last two weeks. While the delegation of the municipality of Maceo of that province […] (...)